• ISP brass and marble wall light By Ilia Potemine for DCW Éditions

    NZ $2,750.00 inc each


    Another lamp. Yes. But this one is like no other that has come before. Designed in conscious opposition to the standard artefacts of our time, Potemine’s lamp is more like a beautiful torch, like the baton passed between the runners in a race that counts only the enlightened and initiated among its participants. Reminiscent of a Nautilus or a HAL, this ark for housing light comes with its own mythology, a minimalist interpretation of the injunction to ‘Let there be Light’.
    No more bulbs. Certainly no switches. Mechanics, machined, electrical contacts, LEDs : its technical aspects occupied an engineer full time for 18 months.

    Hoods are usually for hiding engines. The hood of the ISP is a fuselage.

    There is the option of left or right hand opening

    The Land Rover Born awards in the category "interiors" has been attributed to Ilia Sergeevich Potemine's ISP lamp.
    The BORN Awards, founded by Jean-Christophe Chopin eight years ago, celebrate creativity in design lifestyle combining functionality and desirability. This year, the jury is celebrating products that demonstrate unrivalled, peerless design. An exhibition, open to the public, of the forty-two regional winners will be held during the Milan Design Week (April 17th to 22nd) and a summit conference on ‘creativity meets success’ will be organised for April 18th.


    • Designer Ilia Potemine
    • Manufacturer DCW Éditions
    • Country of Origin France
    • Material Brass
    • Height (mm) 121 Horizontal, 371 Vertical
    • Depth (mm) 80 Ø
    • Width (mm) 371 Vertical, 121 Horizontal
    • Product Code ISPWB

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