• Louis Poulsen LC Shutters pendant - Louise Campbell - One white/multi only

    NZ $695.00 inc each

    The concentrated light from the light source is filtered through an opalescent diffuser to ensure soft, comfortable light distribution. The softened light creates a pleasant atmosphere within the shade and ensures a gentle lighting effect on the outside, helping to illuminate and define the product's shape when lit. The aim was to create a comfortable and atmospheric lighting fixture in both private and public settings. The starting point is a flat sheet of aluminium which is worked into the bell-shaped shade. The shade pattern is cut and pressed to form two interactive layers, through which the light is emitted in a high-precision pattern. The 3 mm thick shade ensures a very solid fixture, suitable for applications ranging from children's rooms to executive areas.

    The pendant is meant to be simple and modern not only in its aesthetic but also in the manufacturing process. production has been cut down to three steps: turning the shade, stamping the pattern, and painting. 

    For the cutting of the pattern onto the lamp shade, a new tool was developed which can stamp with millimeter-precision along on a curved surface.
    For light quality, the product is glare-free since the bulb is protected by a diffuser.
    this shields any direct light from the viewer while also eliminating any harsh shadows.

    Newwith original  box sourced from a warehouse clearance so able to offer at significantly below RRP. One only hanging on our Newmarket showroom.



    • Designer Louise Campbell
    • Manufacturer Louis Poulsen
    • Country of Origin Denmark
    • Material Spun Aluminium
    • Height (mm) 301
    • Depth (mm) 440 Ø
    • Width (mm) 440 Ø
    • Product Code 5013

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