Carl Hansen and Søn

  • Dates 1908-
  • Nationality Danish

Carl Hansen opened his furniture workshop in Odense, Denmark in 1908 and soon became known for the high quality of his work. In the early days, the company produced bespoke furniture - including everything from dining room sets to bedroom suites.

Holger Hansen's sales manager at the time, Ejvind Kold Kristensen, kept a close eye on the new breed of Danish furniture designers that began to emerge in the 1940s.

Kold Kristensen was especially impressed by Hans J. Wegner, whose designs won critical acclaim at exhibitions, but was relatively unknown outside of specialist circles. Kold Kristensen had no doubt that Hans J. Wegner was a designer who could propel Carl Hansen & Søn into the next level of growth.

Kold Kristensen approached Hans J. Wegner in the late 1940´s and the collaboration between

Hans J. Wegner and Carl Hansen & Søn began shortly thereafter.

Hans J. Wegner designed four chairs especially for Carl Hansen & Søn in 1949 - all of which came into production and were launched in 1950. Among the first four chairs was the legendary Wishbone Chair, CH24 and the beautiful easy chair with seat and back in uninterrupted paper cord, CH25 - both which has been produced ever since.


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