• Dates 1990s-present
  • Nationality Italian

A little over 20 years is all it took Edra to become a landmark on the Italian furniture making scene.

Edra's mission is crystal-clear: its very name derives from exedra, the Greek word for a meeting place for philosophical conversation, and, by extension, a seat, dwelling or home. The company made a somewhat unconventional debut in 1987 with the "I Nuovissimi" project that gathered together talented young designers making their first forays into mass production. Since then Edra's growth has been driven by the quality, innovation, functionality and formal perfection of its products.

It has been a journey both timely and thoughtfully planned, steered by art director Massimo Morozzi, a well respected member of the radical movement, who ensures that all Edra collections are both readily recognised and consistent. Thanks to Massimo Morozzi's talent scouting skills, the design process has attracted some truly interesting personalities. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, a keen sensitivity has always been displayed towards the languages of art, fashion and modern lifestyles, leading to the production of signature pieces that are now icons of contemporary design. The liberal use of colour in the widest array of tones has proven supremely satisfying. Edra's manufacturing philosophy balances ground breaking technology with inspired manual skills. Ongoing experimentation with materials and processes seeks to give the finished product the most expressive of finishes.

Products by Edra

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