Glashütte Limburg

  • Dates 1947-
  • Nationality Finnish

On 5 July 1947 at 4 p.m., Dr. Heinrich extracts with a blowing iron the first glass melted in Limburg. He blows a so-called post, from which a tumbler is finally created. A new chapter is opened in the history of the cathedral city with its wealth of tradition.

The company under the name Glashüttenwerke Limburg GmbH employs 80 staff. The majority have been expelled from their native land. The production programme initially comprises tumblers, jugs and a host of other economic glasses. Thanks to the technical know-how of the business management, the specialist skill of the glassmakers who have come to Limburg, and the effective support of the authorities, the company flourishes.

After the currency reform, which also lifts all the obstructive restrictions, general conditions improve. The far-sighted move into the manufacturing of lighting glass opens up new growth opportunities. The high quality of the products is a convincing factor. With glass tanks working continuously and modern production processes, capacity is increased. In just a few years, Glashütte Limburg with almost 1000 employees advances to become the largest specialist for lighting glass in Europe.

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