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After the war, the age of utility was replaced by a youthful new look in art and design, influenced by Italy, America and the fresh but restrained Scandinavian look. As the various strands in British art and design converged, British contemporary took on a cohesive identity of its own in textiles, pottery, glass, appliances and furniture.

'These new design attitudes were polarised in the 1951 Festival of Britain, where constructions could be experimental and dramatic and designers were liberated from commercial constraints. Manufacturers began to employ young designers and the so-called Contemporary Style emerged, especially in domestic interiors and products.

Kandya manufacturer of British furniture was at the forefront employing designers such as Frank Guille and Carl Jacobs and continued to make what is now seen as highly collectable mid-century modern British furniture.

In 1968 Kandya formed a jointly owned company with D. Meredew. To be known as Kandya Meredew Ltd.It was established to rationalise and increase both companies' exports. Kandya already exported 31 per cent of its furniture although Meredew had bigger resources. Kandya now used the large Meredew showroom in Ridgmount Place, which also housed the offices of the new company. Meredew's Planning Unit, also worked on export designs for the new company. As part of its concentration on exports, the new company specialised in furniture for hotels and oil companies.

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