Rolf Benz

  • Dates 1964-present
  • Nationality German

Almost a hundred years ago painter and photographer Heinrich Zille pronounced that "it's as easy to kill a person with a home as with an axe". Since 1964, the German firm Rolf Benz has been doing its bit to reduce death by bad home furnishing. Because Rolf Benz has been producing sofas for exactly 50 years. Some say they are the most desirable sofas made since humans discovered the sheer physical pleasure of sitting back and relaxing but not quite lying down. They may have conquered the world, but these highly prized zones of relaxation originate from a tiny, peaceful spot on the edge of the Black Forest by the name of Nagold. Here, fifty years ago, a young designer realized that while everything relating to furnishing may impact temporarily on our reason, it remains permanently embedded in our emotions. This is why with every individual sofa, the familiarity and popularity of the Rolf Benz brand - now a household name in over fifty countries - is helping create that uniquely personal spot we spend a lifetime longing for. The spot in which we feel we have finally come home.

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