Karakter design journal

Five minutes with gallerist Scott Lawrie

After COVID-19 brought The Vivian in Matakana to a close in April, Director Scott Lawrie has arrived at the heart of Grey Lynn with a new gallery space and a new name - Scott Lawrie Gallery.
Scott is just as passionate about mid century art and design as he is about the contemporary art he shows at his gallery. Simran Saseve-Dale, our Sales and Marketing Manager, sat down with Scott to chat about one his favourite pieces of mid century art.
Karakter (K): What is the name of this work and who is it by? Scott Lawrie (SL) The work I’ve chosen is by Victor Pasmore (1908-1998) and called ‘Point of Contact #2’ from 1965. It's a framed Lithograph of about 560 x 890mm.
K: What drew you to this work? SL: Victor Pasmore was a groundbreaking abstract British artist, who explored a particular kind of abstraction that was born out of late modernism. I don't collect many prints, but this is rare and it provides a fantastic snapshot of late modernism in the UK – plus it gives me a lot of joy.
K: What is your favourite detail in the work? SL: The colours are incredibly elegant, and the composition is beautifully balanced; restrained, yet exuberant at the same time. It also matches my modernist furniture pieces, which in itself can be quite tricky!
Image credit: Victor Pasmore, Point of Contact #2, 1965