Mid-century & Modern tables

Cherner oval dining table

$7,420.00 NZD
Approx $4,553.49 USD

Introduced in 2003, Cherner tables are designed by Benjamin Cherner to compliment Cherner seating. Perfect in a formal or informal setting, the tables are strong and lightweight. Cherner tables are available in oval, round and rectangular shapes with molded plywood legs. The round and oval tops are 1-1/8” cross-ply plywood with a profiled exposed edge. The rectangular table is 1-1/8” cross-ply plywood with a 1” and 1/8” solid edge band. Cherner Tables are made entirely in the U.S.A. 

Oval dimensions  2139mm x
 2337mm x
Approx. no for seating  6-8  8-10
Classic Walnut top and legs  $7240  $7700
Classic Ebony (ebonized walnut)  $7240  $7700
Natural Walnut top and legs  $7240  $7700
Natural white oak rift cut top and legs     $7240  $7700

Top: One piece 1” medium density fiber core with walnut, beech or white oak face veneer. Solid walnut, beech or white oak edge banding. 

Wood Base: Laminated beech core. Face veneers in either walnut, beech or white oak.

Approx 20 weeks lead time 

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