Mid-century & Modern lighting

DCW Biny desk light

$1,080.00 NZD
Approx $661.68 USD

The table/desk/bedside lamp (Biny Table n°231) by Jacques BINY is almost an alien in the lunar world (sorry!) in the Luminary world. Some appear like a robot, others as cartoon characters, and still others a radically effective minimalist object. Created in 1958, lights are still very modern. For good reading light, Biny designed it with fins that direct the intense light onto the entirety of the useful area. For soft and surprisingly effective lighting, this developed reissue * uses integrated, removable LED technology in 2700 K with adjustable fins thanks to a wheel.

Available with a Black or White body and Black or white blinds.

Material Steel
Height (mm) 325
Width (mm) 325 
Depth (mm) 185
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