DCW In The Tube 1300

$4,330.00 NZD
Approx $2,657.23 USD

Designed by architect Dominique Perrault and designer Gaelle Lauriot-Prévost, In The Tube is a collection of lighting that marries an industrial aesthetic with luxurious materials to create unique pieces of design for your home, office or retail space. 

The moveable mesh filter within the 'tube' casing can be orientated to filter and diffuse the light, while the colour of the reflective backing determines the  type of light emitted - stainless steel for a cool silver light or anodised aluminium for a warm golden light. 

The "In The Tube" lights are available as wall mounted or pendant lights and in four different sizes and two colours.

100mm Ø is available in lengths of either 350 or 500mm long and the 120mm Ø is available in lengths of either 700 or 1300mm long. The price stated above is for the 120mm diameter, 1300mm long in silver. The gold version of the same size is priced at $4690 . This light can be converted into a pendant style light and a double wire horizontal suspension kit is available for $250.

Height (mm) 100 or 120 Ø
Width (mm) 350, 500, 700 or 1300
Depth (mm) 100 or 120 Ø
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