Mid-century & Modern lighting

DCW Lampe Gras 215L BL

$3,140.00 NZD
Approx $1,845.52 USD

In 1921, Bernard Albin Grass designed a series of lamps for the use in offices and in industrial environments. The Gras-lamp, as it was subsequently called, was astounding in its simple, robust and very ergonomic design, there are neither screws nor welded joints in the basic form.

Early on Le Corbusier was seduced by the modern design and user-friendliness of the lamps and became one of Bernard-Albin Grass most enthusiastic supporters using the lamps in his own offices.

The DCW Lampe Gras N°215 L Floor Lamp is available in ten different shade colours: black, white, red, yellow, blue, chrome, copper, raw copper, black with copper inside, white with copper inside. prices start at $2140 for black light with satin black shade

Material Steel
Height (mm) 1350-2000 (max)
Width (mm) 210
Depth (mm) 700 (max)
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