Louis Poulsen Snowball pendant

$2,850.00 NZD
Approx $1,874.86 USD
Poul Henningsen designed his first lights back in 1925-1926 for an exhibition in Paris. His work with Louis Poulsen continued right up until his death in 1967. Throughout his life, PH sought to create glare-free light, direct light where it was most needed, and create soft shadows, using incandescent bulbs as a light source. Poul Henningsen designed Snowball in 1958, and it was exhibited together with PH 5 at the Danish Museum of Decorative Art. However, Snowball received no particular attention on this occasion, and was only re-launched and manufactured from 1983.

Material White lacquered aluminium, high-lustre finish on top and matt finish on underside
Height (mm) 390
Width (mm) 400
Depth (mm) 400
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