VZOR RM 58 Classic chair

$2,780.00 NZD
Approx $1,703.20 USD

The RM 58 isn't just a chair, it's a sculptural work of art. Undulating curves of the seat, hug and support the body, allowing arms to comfortably rest along the top of the chair. VZOR now produce the chair, which was designed in 1958 by Roman Modzelewski. At the time of it's inception, the RM 58 was one of the earliest examples of polyester-glass laminate furniture. Not only were the materials used in the chairs' production seen as highly innovative, but also its fully closed organic form - which had no counterpart in its time, either in Poland or elsewhere.

The use of new materials and industrial technologies in the re launch of the RM58 armchair by VZOR has made it possible to overcome the constraints of craft manufacturing and to offer a product of consistently high quality. The RM 58 is also available in a matte finish and in a range of colours. Please contact us for more information.

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